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The world is at the edge of a new era for communications technology.

The accelerated migration to the Next Generation Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), designed to upgrade the current Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), is becoming an enormous undertaking for the Information Technology industry. Nearly all networked applications, end-systems, infrastructure systems and network architectures will be affected.

Ambriel Technologies is currently engaged in the design of intelligent devices and providing other services that help bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6.  Ambriel Technologies is a multi-disciplined technology research and development firm that supports, enhances and expands the capabilities of global communications. Our technology experts are committed to delivering world-class solutions that satisfy customer demand for speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Company officials recently announced in June 2007 that it has accomplished a technology breakthrough, thereby successfully demonstrating a translation capability designed to allow native IPv6 hosts to communicate with IPv4 hosts without the need for proxy or a dual stack. This new technology is significant in that it provides the user the ability to access IPv6 and IPv4 Internet using single-stack IPv6 protocol, without having to make large capital investments in IPv6 system changes. As a result, Ambriel Technologies is poised as a technology frontrunner in the IPv6 industry.

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